Conrad Black

Conrad Black stood before a crowded room Friday to pontificate about Canada’s reputation on the world stage, just weeks after his controversial return to the country with which he shares a tumultuous history.
Wearing the Order of Canada pin that some have suggested should be revoked, Black reflected on his “recent sojourn” in the United States — a 42-month prison term — and shared the thoughts he has formulated in the meantime on his home country.
“Canadians are notoriously not messianic or self-important, and have no illusions about being a light onto the world,” Black said in a lunchtime speech to the Empire Club of Canada, his first public talk since he has been back in the country.
“It has been difficult to translate Canada’s talent at dogged but effective problem solving as heroic, dramatic or sometimes even interesting.”
But, the former media baron concluded, with so much manufacturing being outsourced, “multiple resource exporters” like Canada and Australia are at an advantage.
“It is Canada’s turn to speak, and it will not have to shout to be heard,” said Black. “These were my thoughts in my recent sojourn with the Americans, that have been confirmed by my grateful return to this country.”

Watch the whole (articulate & perceptive) speech here:

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