The Dancing Fox

I love this place, can't wait to visit again this summer. The act of making and baking bread is so foundational and peaceful, this is so relaxing!

This century old brick building is a unique place to eat and drink. A fanciful place where legend and reality join and take you back  in both time and spirit.  A time when friends would gather at the local pub to warm themselves next to the fire and enjoy food, drink, and conversation. To a time when bread was made from fresh ground grain, gathered from the field. Fermented the slow, natural way, for flavor.  Kneaded and formed gently by caring hands then placed in a wood fired brick oven for the perfect crust, sealing in the moisture. 

The aroma will draw you further into a place surrounded by antique furniture and murals. Once seated you will not refuse a pint of ale or a glass of hearty red wine grown and made by the proprietor himself  with the help of his three hard-working lads...and a bit of magic.

Just be mindful of the Dancing Fox, fairies and other mischevious creatures. They will do anything for a scrap from your plate.

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