Jesus: First Century Rabbi

Really enjoying this book. The truth of Jesus' Jewishness is
not a novel concept to me, however the implication and expansiveness of what that means and the clarity it brings to his teaching and his candor are significant. To be sure,

"For two thousand years, neither religion has talked much to each other, except in a few instances where it was mutually beneficial. The church and its leaders usually despised Judaism (tolerated at best), and Judaism pretty much did all it could to avoid and ignore Christianity along with its Romanized, Prometheus-like conquering Christ. While the church was busy constantly trying to convert the Jews, the Jews found themselves perpetually on the run from missionaries and "soldiers of Christ" who followed Constantine's vision of the cross turned into a sword. But just as we cannot drive a car by constantly looking in the rearview mirror, so memory can only be made holy when it directs us to what's in front of us--a future filled with hope and new beginnings. Both religions will fail to fulfill their respective and unique missions as long as prejudice, resentment, patronization, triumphalism, jealousy, avoidance, and contempt continues."

Here's a great clip:

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