Christian Journeys

Experiencing the lands of the Bible
is not only an invaluable lifetime experience,
it is more accessible than you may think!

Churches, schools, organizations, community groups and others all see the value and important extension of ministry or learning that a Journey offers. The impact that first-hand, five-sensing, experiences can have on one's faith is phenomenal. Lives are changed, faith is strengthened, knowledge is deepened, culture is appreciated, the Bible comes to life, Jesus is seen and loved!!
If this is something you are interested in pursuing and experiencing, then plan your next trip with Christian Journeys- the leader in journeys to the Lands of the Bible. Christian Journeys is not a cold travel agency or a bulk tour company. Christian Journeys doesn't prepare stock itineraries or do trips to Mexico, Europe or cruises in the Caribbean. Christian Journeys focuses on just the Lands of the Bible and crafting with you the perfect discipleship journey for you and your group. With associates and offices in each country (Israel, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Jordan) you can be sure of safe, accessible, and experienced care for your journey.

No two groups are ever the same and we always ensure that your group's needs and expectations are not only met, but surpassed! If you are interested in experiencing the Holy Land and beyond, you've come to the right place.


One step of exposure into lived (experienced) history
brings about far more learning than read/heard history.

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