What People are saying about Phil

"Phil is a wise leader and a trusted friend. I consider him a visionary in ministry; I had the great fortune of spending many years under his leadership, and his creativity and passion for God's work have always been an inspiration to me. Phil is a person through whom the Lord moves."
Matthew Davis, age 22

"Phil Harbridge is a passionate, relevant and down to earth servant of the king. If you want colour, creativity and life, call Phil. If you are looking for beige, call someone else!"
Sam Rowland, Christian Communicator

"Phil is somebody who lives life to the full. His life speaks as a response to follow the heart of Christ, and his genuine, passionate spirit invites others to join him on that journey."
Karl Tegenfeldt, Social Worker

"Over the years I have watched Phil Harbridge add to his keen mind, strong work ethic, and deep commitment less common virtues like humility, wisdom, and a broken heart for the poor. He has been a good friend to me, and a good minister to many young people struggling for authentic faith in the midst of a confusing church and an even more confusing world. Many people have a lot to offer. Phil actually offers it."
Bart Campolo,
Founder and Chaplain, Mission Year

“I’ve known Phil as ‘that cool guy who worked with kids, loves his mac, is into sports, and always has a big smile on his face’.”
Troy Angrignon, Stream Consulting

"Phil Harbridge is a proven leader within the Canadian youth ministry context. Serving in an urban environment for many years, Phil has honed his leadership amongst some of Canada's neediest people. Phil is also one of Canada's few "emergent" leaders who has been in the drivers seat and taken an emergent ministry out for a spin. He speaks with experience and a prophetic edge that won't allow you to grow comfortable, but will move you towards action and thought."
Darren DeGraaf, Director of Youth Ministries- Baptist Convention of Ontario and

“Phil is a good guy. Why do you care about this fact? Is because he takes his message, his ministry and his motivation to heart. He lives what he speaks. You really want your next communicator to be real and actually living what he says: and that's Phil. He's really passionate about Christ and wants you to be too.”
Joell Haugen, Pastor, Community Baptist Church, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

“Phil has a passion for truth, strong convictions about faith, and a zest for life that challenges and inspires those around him. His energy is infectious, and his sense of humour puts people thoroughly at ease. He is a devoted servant, a trusted friend, and a gifted teacher and leader. Phil is not only the Snap, but the Crackle and Pop, as well!”
Meg Fowler, Writer

"It has been a pleasure to share the challenge of marathon training with 'Reverend Phil'. His strong, steady stride makes long runs seem shorter and hills seem less steep. Phil’s strong and steady character makes him invaluable to his running partners, friends, family and his faith."
Nicola Ferguson,
Runner, Heathen & friend in Awe

"Phil knows how to laugh, live and lead better than anyone else I know. His genuine passion to know Jesus and be known by Him is inspiring to both students and adults alike. With Phil, what you see is what you get. Authenticity is not just something he talks about – it’s at the core of who he is and who he’s becoming. Phil is one of the people in my life who I want to share the Journey with. I think you will too."
Paul Andrews
Student Ministries Pastor
Flatirons Community Church, Colorado

"Phil is one of the most gifted and creative thinker/communicators serving Christ's church in our day. His humor will engage you, his transparency free you, his insights challenge you and his passion motivate you. I enthusiastically endorse who Phil is and what he has to say. I’m honored to recommend my friend."
Rich Van Pelt, Author, Speaker
Director of Ministry Relationships
Compassion International

"Phil is one of those people that others want to be around! Insightful, transparent and engaging, Phil loves God fully and lives life deeply. He has a passion for things that matter, and a sense of humor about almost everything else!"
Brian Brown, Youth For Christ

"I worked along with Phil in preparation for the 14th Baptist Youth World Conference that was held in Hong Kong, China and brought together over 4000 young people from 67 countries. Phil’s insights, sensitivity, and passion for people were very evident in the way in which he carried out his responsibilities. I fully support Phil’s ministry and his commitment to transform lives."
Emmett Dunn,
Youth Director, Baptist World Alliance

"Phil embraces change. Not content with “the way things have been done”, he is continually exploring new paths to connect with God and to connect others with God."
Mark Oestreicher, President, Youth Specialties

"Phil Harbridge is a dynamic and effective communicator, an inspired and visionary leader, and an astute and sensitive mentor. His wonderfully unique character and ministry reflects a deep and integrative understanding of the changing social context, of the complexity of personal relationships, of the vagaries of the human condition, and of the centrality of the spiritual dimension of life."
Dr. Larry Walker,
Professor of Psychology,
University of British Columbia

"Phil is a creative and committed Christ-follower who has a holy discontent for complacency in the church. His straight-forward and in your face approach will challenge youth and others to live a carefully examined life for the sake of the gospel."
Rev. Bruce Fawcett, Ph.D.,
Director of Youth and Family Ministries
Director of Communications
Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

"I am happy to commend Rev. Phil Harbridge as a brother and fellow minister in Christ. Phil and I were teamed together at historic First Baptist Church, Vancouver, for nine years, from 1992-2001, when Phil served as Youth Minister. During that period, as the Lord blessed the congregation in many areas, I had ample opportunity to experience Phil's ministry at first hand and to deeply appreciate his many gifts of heart and mind, his personal integrity, his special ability to relate the Christian faith to present styles, and his underlying passion to know Christ and to make him known."
Rev. Dr. Bruce Milne,
author, Vice President Baptist World Alliance

"Over the last years Phil developed a youth ministry with guts in a large downtown church. His ability to weave both program and content into the ministry mentored both youth sponsors and youth themselves. I recommend Phil as a skilled practitioner and effective communicator- a blend that is often difficult to find."
Dr. Gary Nelson,
General Secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries

"I've known Phil Harbridge for many years and have had the privilege of observing the ministry he has had with teenagers and families numerous times. Phil is an extremely thoughtful minister, particularly in the areas of youth culture and cross-cultural ministry with adolescents. He has a knack for insightful observations and conclusions about people and ministry directions to pursue, and his easy manner with people have helped him minister to a wide variety of individuals and personalities. If you seek his input on ministry, you'll discover something that you need to know."
Darrell Pearson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Youth
Ministry, Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania

"Phil is one of the few leaders who understands when to lead, when to follow, and how to motivate. Whether he is training a Marathon group, inspiring a congregation, or being with his family and friends, his faith, love and passion are a wonder to value. Phil is an inspiration and a true friend."
Jeremy Wilson, Marathoner, Triathlete

"I’ve heard Phil Harbridge say many times, 'youth are not the church of the future, they’re the church of the present.' Just words? No way! Phil gets the youth and young adults involved, discovering and using their gifts. He’s a tireless encourager, an advocate, an empowerer. A really genuine guy and a creative and gifted speaker, Phil asks and answers the hard questions. It was a joy to work closely with Phil both as a parent of youth and in ministry. Phil sees a better world and works hard to find ways to realize it and take those around him along. Phil is a boat-rocker, a chain rattler, an asker of hard questions. He works tirelessly to spread the Truth and has a unique way of reaching people where they are. A creative and gifted communicator, Phil loves God and shows it!"
Mary Cramond
Youth Parent and Ministry Assistant