Phil Harbridge

'Dr. Phil' is passionate about God, and helping people grow in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He is a skilled communicator, insightful teacher & workshop leader, a spiritual disciplines mentor, a marathon coach, wedding officiant, author, discipleship and Holy Land journey coordinator, husband, father and friend.

phil harbridge

Over the years I have watched Phil Harbridge add to his keen mind, strong work ethic, and deep commitment less common virtues like humility, wisdom, and a broken heart for the poor. He has been a good friend to me, and a good minister to many young people struggling for authentic faith in the midst of a confusing church and an even more confusing world. Many people have a lot to offer. Phil actually offers it.
Bart Campolo, Founder and Chaplain, Mission Year

Phil is one of the most gifted and creative thinker/communicators serving Christ's church in our day. His humor will engage you, his transparency free you, his insights challenge you and his passion motivate you. I enthusiastically endorse who Phil is and what he has to say. I’m honored to recommend my friend.
Rich Van Pelt, Author, Speaker
Director of Ministry Relationships
Compassion International

Phil is a marathon runner and an Edmonton Oilers fan(atic!) who enjoys reality shows, pens of all kinds and cereal. Phil lives in White Rock (near Vancouver), BC with his wife Kay. They have two (adult) daughters.